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Welcome to Freeculture Canada

by Sydney Weidman last modified 2006-11-07 10:16

Canadian home to the FreeCulture movement.

The Free Culture movement seeks to protect and enhance everyone's freedom to access, enjoy, share, create, and transform culture in all its forms. This site will serve as a rallying point for those efforts.   Free Culture Canada is a subgroup of the international Free Culture movement,  We aim to get Free Culture chapters started across Canada, as well as raise awareness about issues specific to Canada.  For more info, contact Free Culture Canada.

How to get involved

  • See if there is a chapter in your school, and if so, contact them.  We are hosting a list of Provincial Groups. also has a list and map of all the chapters in North America on it
  • If there's no existing chapter at your school, start one up. 
  • Start gathering interest.  It may be too late for you to gain official status for the fall term, but you can still get people interested and active in Free Culture.  The activist packet is a document designed to teach new chapters how to get started.  You're welcome to contribute to it.  We've put together a flier that you can download, print and hand out as well.

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